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The MARGARET CLARK ART EDUCATION ENRICHMENT FUND (MCAEEF) is the Art Education fundraising segment of the REDLANDS ART ASSOCIATION (RAA) a 501 (c) 3 organization. It was created to honor the late Margaret Clark who was a well-loved Art teacher at the University of Redlands, and an active member of the Redlands Art Association. She was instrumental in guiding many young men and women to pursue a career in Art education as well as developing their artistic skills. She was fond of stating to students “you don’t have to draw between the lines” She was particularly fond of encouraging young children to develop their natural creativity.

To fulfill and continue Margaret’s mission, MCAEEF has, for many years raised funds through generous donations and various fundraising events. These funds are used to award art education projects, supplies and teachers in our schools and community. Scholarships are also awarded to Elementary and High School students.

“Art is not just for artists. Success in art gives a child greater self-esteem. Then he or she can learn better.”  – Margaret Clark

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Our major fundraising event is the REDLANDS CINEMA CLASSIC (RCC) a film series which began in 1999. Annually, eight Foreign, Art or Specialty films are screened at the LOOK cinemas in Redlands. For over 20 years this event has become a favorite among movie patrons who appreciate good quality films that feature many aspects of life from around the world. All net proceeds of this series benefit art education.

In 2019 we created the YOUTH ART EXPO (YAE) to showcase the creativity of students from kindergarten to 12th Grade by inviting them to participate in a Juried Art competition, similar to adults, FREE of charge with cash prizes. It was an outstanding success with over 170 entries. Each entrant received a certificate of Recognition.

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