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Youth Art Expo 2024

We welcome any participants from ages K-12 including  specially challenged and home schooled students. At Our first expo in 2019 we had 176 entrants. We had to skip 2020 & 2021 because of Covid but in 2022 we had 136 entrants.

YAE affords children an opportunity to enter a Juried show just like adult artists who display their work at the annual outdoor REDLANDS ART FESTIVAL and the Redlands Art Association ART IN THE PARK on Memorial Day weekend. Even though the show is Juried for winners in each age group, all entries are displayed and all participants receive certificates in our exhibition and Activity tent at the festival on memorial day weekend.

Download this year's flyer:

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This event was first organized in 2019, for MCAEEF by Annette Weis and co-organizers, Suzanne Burke and Tom Gillett. Volunteer RAA teachers and artists were on hand to help set up activity stations so kids could come and paint on easels, rocks, do printmaking and other mediums. Families let us know how absolutely delighted they were with this opportunity to see how their children demonstrate their creativity. Students were excited to enter and not only win recognition but to show off their artwork. Winners receive cash prizes with certificates.


This event illustrates why we fund art education in our schools and community. We believe that the innate creativity in each child should be encouraged at an early age and continued in the classrooms which enhances their regular classroom studies of language, math and science.

Teen girl pointing to her artwork

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